Great job everyone!!!

Please see our to do list below for submitting our develop page for our bookbuilder book (Draft).

 ·         Intro page: Remove picture and add intro video only
·         Make sure pages don’t require scrolling, if possible
 ·         Update Lizard voice for clarity
·         Add Giraffe as a reminder tool
·         Send quizzlet  login information to Nathan
·         Determine the placement of formative evaluation questions
 ·         Send script for the summative quizlet
·         Page 15 will be the closing page and we will embed the survey monkey evaluation and include a link
·         E-mail Dr. Wissick Check-in e-mail with your thoughts thus far.
·         Update develop page documentation
11/4/2012 09:46:00 am

Flash Card Mode

<iframe src="" height="410" width="100%" style="border:0;"></iframe>
Please see below for quizlet embed HTML code

Link to quizlet Flash Cards
<a href="">(Anti) Cyberbullying</a>


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