Hi Team,
Great meeting as always! We discussed the feedback received this far and Nathan and Katelyn will implement some of the recommended modifications. Nathan will update the evaluation page so that we know the recommendations that were made and note which modifications were implemented or not implemented with along with a brief explanation.

We reviewed our assignment for 11/20 and we are good to go with the feedback that we have received thus far. It was also mentioned that we were to review at least 4 other team sites and provide feedback, however we were not aware of a central location for all team sites. Melika will e-mail Dr. Wissick to get additional information.

Our assignment for the upcoming week which are our screen cast videos were discussed. Dr. Wissick left the subject matter for the screen casts pretty open so we decided on the following topics:

Shelby - Lesson & Materials (You can select something else of you like this is just a suggestion)
Katelyn - Bookbuilder theoretical approach (UDL principles)
Nathan - Bookbuilder Layout
Melika - Lesson Assessment & Evaluation

Melika Will update the implementation page so that everyone has a section for their screen cast.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 11/25 at 7:30pm
 Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
Shelby Elise
11/25/2012 08:52:57 am

I'll have the screencast up by Monday and email an update on Thursday for the final report, as we discussed in the meeting. Thanks Melika/Team!


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