The team discussed our screencast videos that are due on Tuesday, 11/27. We also identified a team presenter for the class meeting. Melika will present for the team.

Our Final report is the next big assignment and we decided on the following sections to be completed by team members by December 1st prior to our meeting on Dec 2:

Executive Summary  - Melika
Analysis - Shelby
Design - Katelyn
Development - Nathan
Evaluation - Melika
References - Shelby
Excel time Chart - Melika
(Be sure to total your hours. I will NOT figure out your individual or team hours you need to do that and you will loose individual points if your individual log is not totaled.)

Reviewers: Team Breaking Designs

Notes from Dr. Wissick
  • Final report following the template format.
  • Individual Tally of log hours and also total for team hours. (be sure to total your own hours AND have a total for team hours)
  • Team completion of Bookbuilder/project with any changes modifications based on evaluations.
  • Individual completion of the team process survey. (link to this is in the separate category.)

Final reports for the team projects are due Dec 4. These can be posted as a word document, pdf Or can be posted as part of your wiki. However the report must look professional and include all the following aspects. Also if you post as part of your wiki, please make sure that all the parts on one one page so it is easier to review. All of these aspects could have already been completed but now you just need to piece it together into one professional document (or web page). You can use what you have written and then change tense to past tense. This report was attached to the original ISD team document I posted in September.

Be sure to total your hours. I will NOT figure out your individual or team hours you need to do that and you will loose individual points if your individual log is not totaled.

We will meet to discuss our final report on Dec 2 at 7:30pm

Hi Team,
Great meeting as always! We discussed the feedback received this far and Nathan and Katelyn will implement some of the recommended modifications. Nathan will update the evaluation page so that we know the recommendations that were made and note which modifications were implemented or not implemented with along with a brief explanation.

We reviewed our assignment for 11/20 and we are good to go with the feedback that we have received thus far. It was also mentioned that we were to review at least 4 other team sites and provide feedback, however we were not aware of a central location for all team sites. Melika will e-mail Dr. Wissick to get additional information.

Our assignment for the upcoming week which are our screen cast videos were discussed. Dr. Wissick left the subject matter for the screen casts pretty open so we decided on the following topics:

Shelby - Lesson & Materials (You can select something else of you like this is just a suggestion)
Katelyn - Bookbuilder theoretical approach (UDL principles)
Nathan - Bookbuilder Layout
Melika - Lesson Assessment & Evaluation

Melika Will update the implementation page so that everyone has a section for their screen cast.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 11/25 at 7:30pm
 Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
Howdy All!

We have 4 responses to our evaluation survey, hopefully we will have many more before the final report is due!

I have embedded the book builder book on our website and the evaluation survey. Please check them out!

I will update the implementation section today as well. Thank you and have a great day!

Shelby Elise
Great job everyone!!!

Please see our to do list below for submitting our develop page for our bookbuilder book (Draft).

 ·         Intro page: Remove picture and add intro video only
·         Make sure pages don’t require scrolling, if possible
 ·         Update Lizard voice for clarity
·         Add Giraffe as a reminder tool
·         Send quizzlet  login information to Nathan
·         Determine the placement of formative evaluation questions
 ·         Send script for the summative quizlet
·         Page 15 will be the closing page and we will embed the survey monkey evaluation and include a link
·         E-mail Dr. Wissick Check-in e-mail with your thoughts thus far.
·         Update develop page documentation
Hi Team,

Everyone is doing a great job with the project. I apologize for not sending out an updated adobe link, but will have created one for Thursdays meeting. As discussed Nathan will proof all of the sections for the analysis and make updates accordingly. I will notify Dr. Wissick as submission for our page. Also, please review the assignment requirements for this week. Our team deliverable is  our team story board. Katelyn provided the following site in addition to the sites provided by Dr. Wissick. We will further discuss our storyboard in our meeting on Thursday. However, please feel free to e-mail the team prior if anyone needs to.

Hello All,

Sorry I missed the meeting! As I emailed everyone prior to the meeting, I had work obligations that did not allow me to attend. I have posted the Needs Analysis, so please review. I also updated the objectives and added dividers.

All of the bio's look fantastic! I'm so glad you all decided to use pictures! Please let me know if you have all had a chance to take a look at the videos and lesson plans I have uploaded to the website. I will also supplement the analysis with the survey results, I thought I had added them to my dropbox but I hadn't so I will take care of that on Monday.

- Shelby Elise
Hello group!

I have split up the section for our bio and role descriptions so please review and make any changes you wish. I think it would be wonderful if we all added pictures!

I have updated my log section and added dividers to the home page and log to hopefully make things a little easier to read.

I have added references in a modified APA format (I adjusted the spacing and added annotations.)

I have updated the video section.

I will try to email a description of learners and environment and identify the section of the Analysis I will be working on by Saturday.

I have also made updates to, so please check it out because I would like to implement at least partially on that site as well - with group permission, of course!

Have a great day!
-Shelby Elise
Dear Team,

I have updated the home page of our website with a brief project need and description based on our needs assessment. I am also updating the links, videos, and references pages with some information on content.  It might be a good idea for each team member to post resources and references to support the design principles used for the site and project.

The website looks AWESOME!

-Shelby Elise
Great Meeting Guys!

Our updates for Sunday include everyone completing their role descriptions.
Shelby will work on the description and need section of the Weebly.
Shelby will post links to videos for our lesson.
Everyone will start getting familiar with Bookbuilder.
Katlyn & Nathan will lead the bookbuilder design.
Nathan has volunteered to assist with screencasts if needed and Katelyn has volunteered to assist with graphic organizers.
Melika will look for a free 800 conference number.

Everyone will review the Week 9 assignment information:
Summary of Assignments.
1. Team Analysis page created
2. Each team member will complete a graphic organizer / concept map related to the team process regarding the needs assessment, content analysis, task analysis, learner analysis or goal analysis. By now you have read the chapters relating to these aspects of project development so that you can develop a concept map describing the process. Each concept map will be embedded into the team wiki (not just posted as an attachment.) Each concept map will be annotated as its relationship to the project.
3. Next week we continue to the Design stage so you will read about designing materials and visual literacy. Then next week you will submit a TEAM your storyboard and then finally for your project/book.

Notes: When creating documents in Googledocs if the document is uploaded no one else can edit. You can create a new doc and copy and paste the information into Google for group editing.